Hook Business Development Group, LLC bridges the “gap” between Sales and Marketing by uncovering qualified and profitable leads for Account Managers to endure a shorter sales cycle.
We realize that most Account Managers spend 20-30% of their efforts on prospecting into new business; and sad to say, but many are either not good at it or despise the practice altogether.
They want to sell, sell, sell… and wouldn’t it be worth it to keep them on such a pathway to progress. So let HBDG take on that prospecting effort for your people.

Your company must have a strong ROI when outsourcing the initial stages of their business development, and there can be inherent risk involved…

1) Can we trust this firm to provide?

2) If they do provide, will they be quality opportunities?

3) Can they bridge the inherent gap between Marketing and Sales?

At HBDG, we share the risk associated with business development, in that our reputation is on the line if we cannot produce REAL and LUCRATIVE opportunities for your Account Executives.

With a strong background in Six Sigma, we understand the importance of client satisfaction and the weight it holds.

We rely on more sources than most business development and lead generation firms are willing to invest, in order to shorten OUR hunting time, and devote more time to introducing your products and/or services to qualified prospects.

Our Representatives use social media, various databases, and intelligence from your Account Executives to assist in finding the key prospects. From there we investigate everything from Strategic Plans to various internal memos; drawing out of them strong talking points that lead to “Warm Calling” vice “Cold Calling!”

Let HBDG, take on the development of your sales pipeline and grow your opportunities in the Public & Private Market… unless of course you are content with your Account Executives focusing 20% of their precious selling time on this.

M. G. Hook

President of Hook Enterprises, LLC

210 S. Braddock St

Suite 200

Winchester, VA 22601


“Keep your Sales People focused on sales and leave the business development to us!”